Our Service Around Root Servers

Find below an overview and selection of our services. Depending on your needs, these can be provided once or regulary. It doesn't matter who you host your server with. If you have individual requests, we will find a customized solution for you.

Initial Installation

We take care of the installation of the Linux operating system including all typical network services such as ssh, Apache, mySQL/MariaDB, PHP, perl and so on. Just tell us what you need, we install it.Read More

Application Installation

Depending on your requirements, we install and configure typical application software, such as shop or content management systems. We create user accounts with proper permissions on demand.Read More

Monitoring and Backups

Your root server should be monitored constantly and data backups have to be created on a regulary basis. We will take care of this and you have always an available system and one worry less! In case of an outage, we will inform you immediately by e-mail.Read More


By applying updates regulary, your server keeps always up-to-date and secure. System reboots are done within agreed time windows, when necessary. The timely application of security patches is particularly important for root servers.Read More

SSL Certificates

The encrypted data transmission between your server and your customers is a must these days. We will set up the necessary certificates for you. With Letsencrypt even at no additional cost.Read More


We regularly carry out external security checks (port scans) and monitor all important server parameters such as log files, the CPU load or the free hard disk space.Read More

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