Our Service Around Root ServersLet us be your IT department!

What is it about?

Not everyone is a Linux specialist. This is also not necessary if you outsource this work. We do this work for you. Choose between one-off activities (such as installations) or regular activities such as monitoring and updating your server. Large companies have their own IT department for this. This doesn't pay off for smaller ones. Targeted outsourcing makes more sense here. Thanks to extensive automation and efficient processes, we can offer our services at very favorable conditions.

How does it work?

You give us temporary access to your server. Typically via the ssh protocol (Secure Shell). We will then carry out the installations as requested by you. For example, a Linux base system with web server, database and shop system. Here you benefit from our many years of experience and receive a safe and high-performance system. If you want, you can change the root password afterwards to ensure that only you can access the server. With regular services (e.g. regular updates of the server) it is necessary for us to have permanent root access. Of course we keep the passwords safe.


Upon request, we will install the Linux operating system including all necessary services, such as web servers, databases or script languages. But we also install the applications you need, such as shop or editorial systems, including the corresponding user profiles and authorizations. Just tell us what you need and we will install it. There are flat rates for common software, for individual requirements we prepare a cost estimate beforehand. Just ask for a quote for the system you need.

System Updates

If you have a system that has been running for a long time, unpatched vulnerabilities become an increasing risk. We can remedy this and bring all system components up to date. If your server does not yet use SSL encryption ( https), we can set this up. Either with free Letsencrypt certificates or on request with certificates from other providers. We also have affordable flat rates for this.

Permanent Server Monitoring

Let us monitor your server around the clock. In the event of a failure, you will be informed immediately by email. We regularly check the system log files for abnormalities and inform you if necessary to coordinate further measures. The same applies to the monitoring of the system load, especially the utilization of CPU, RAM and hard disk. The expiration of the SSL certificates is monitored and these are automatically renewed (letsencrypt). In case of other SSL providers, we will inform you accordingly and can optionally have those certificates renewed too. In addition, a regular port scan carried out by an external system checks that your server has no undetected holes.